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My boyfriend has admitted to having a factor for escorts and intercourse employees

LOVE DEIDRE: My boyfriend admitted that while he was with his ex, he had a soft spot for escorts and sex workers.

I was shocked but pleased that he was honest with me. Now I worry that history will repeat itself.


My friend admitted that he and his ex had a thing for escorts and sex workers

I’m 42 and a nurse and my boyfriend is 44 and a cook. We’ve been together for three years.

I was married 20 years before him. I didn’t think I’d ever find love again after my divorce.

My boyfriend is amazing. He tore me off my feet. He makes me feel good about myself and always tells me how sexy and beautiful I am – but then he has this mysterious side.

When we met, he told me that he wanted me to be different and that he wanted a fresh start.

He confided that he would regularly go to brothels when his ex was sleeping and then sneak back to bed afterwards. He also went to escort several times when his ex was pregnant.

He confessed everything and said he wouldn’t treat me like that.


Hard pill to swallow

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But recently I found that he was watching porn when I was making our dinner – he picks up his laptop and sneaks into the bedroom.

I am worried that I will lose him to his old demons.

I know I shouldn’t, but I was sniffing his phone. I found escort numbers on his call log, so I called one and she admitted she was a local escort.

I don’t know if he came to see us, but I know he called a couple of times. The calls were made early in the morning while I was still at work.

I also found out that he was on a website that is a platform for private webcam shows.

I don’t understand why he does this when we are having a great sex life. It seems I am not enough for him.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Your boyfriend is addicted to sex and until he faces it he keeps sneaking around and you feel humiliated.

He is clearly confident that he can get away with this behavior and will continue until you take a stand.

My friend is amazing, but he has this secret page


My friend is amazing, but he has this secret pagePhoto credit: Getty

Tell him that what he does will ultimately ruin your relationship that he will have to work hard to rebuild your trust and take real steps to defeat his addiction.

The good news is that help is available and he can overcome this harmful behavior.

He can see for guidance and read my support pack Addicted To Sex.

But he has to take the first steps. If not, ask yourself if you would like to stay in such a relationship.

Since the coronavirus is still present, it is also putting your health at risk.

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