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Mayors scrap plan to cost for funeral escorts; start stray canine roundup immediately | Guam Information

Mayors on Wednesday dropped a plan to indict grieving families who request escort services for funeral procession to churches and gravesites. They also announced the start of a series of stray dog ​​roundups in Santa Rita today.

Agat Mayor Kevin Susuico said liability issues from mayorships and the additional cost to residents, which could range from $ 500 to $ 800, were the main reasons behind the recommendation against the funeral plan.

The Susuico Committee was tasked with setting up an escort for the funeral of the Mayor of Guam.

MCOG President Jesse Alig, the mayor of Piti, said the funeral fee schedule was essentially rejected and it was up to each mayor to provide the service upon request.

The escort service for the funeral is currently offered free of charge by the mayor’s offices to their voters.

The idea of ​​charging for this service came up last year when the mayors faced a budget cut. The fees should help cover the mayors’ office expenses for vehicle maintenance and fuel.

After meeting Stephen Ignacio, the head of the Guam Police Department, on Tuesday, the Susuico committee recommended that the plan not be pursued any further. There are also setbacks from a number of mayors and members of the public.

Stray dog ​​abstract

Mongmong-Toto-Maite Mayor Rudy Paco, chairman of the MCOG Stray Animals Committee, also announced the start of a series of stray dog ​​roundups that begin today with Santa Rita.

Replacement dog traps from other villages are brought to Santa Rita and any stray dog ​​caught is taken to the Guam Animals In Need shelter in Yigo.

Different estimates put 25,000 to 60,000 stray animals in Guam, and residents rely on mayors to control the stray population.

Mayors have also partnered with the Department of Agriculture to simultaneously register pets and microchip them to distinguish them from strays that could be caught on summaries.

The pet registration form can be downloaded from the Ministry of Agriculture website at and sent to

It can also be picked up and dropped off at the Agriculture Animal Health / Control Department or the Mayor’s offices.

Paco said the next stray dog ​​roundup will be in Tamuning sometime in March. Paco said the order of the villages depends on the willingness of each mayor.