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Married trainer Kandice Barber convicted of getting intercourse with teen

Shamed British teacher Kandice Barber kissed her husband Friday when she was reportedly found guilty of sex with her 15-year-old student.

Barber, of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, was convicted Thursday of inducing or inducing sexual activity in a child but was not found guilty of two other cases of the same crime, the BBC reported.

The mother of three covered her face on Friday when she arrived for a bail trial at Aylesbury Crown Court and held hands with 38-year-old husband Daniel, who was carrying a large travel bag, according to Sun.

Barber, who has been in the slammer for up to five years, will remain behind bars until a trial on February 15.

Kandice BarberKandice Barber will remain behind bars until a trial on February 15th.Steve Parsons / PA Images via Getty Images

Judge Bal Dhaliwal told Barber she hoped she used her night at home to explain to her children what was going to happen and to “see them off for the time being,” reported the Sun.

Defense attorney Gavin Holme asked the judge to allow her to return home before being sentenced as an “act of humanity” so that she could homeschool her children, despite Barber warned that “custody is inevitable”.

Kandice Barber's husband Daniel accompanied her to court on Thursday while she covered her face.Kandice Barber’s husband Daniel accompanied her to court on Thursday while she covered her face.Alamy Stock Photo

When the verdict was read out on Thursday, Barber’s husband called it “a joke”.

In September, she was convicted of sexual communication with a child and made a child witness a sexual act by a trusted person after sending the boy topless pictures of herself on Snapchat in 2018.

The jury heard Barber start texting the boy this year after giving his phone number at a school sports day. Her lyrics soon became “sexual” and she later picked him up in her vehicle before driving into a field and having sex with him.

She continued to send the boy slippery texts even while teaching him in class.

Kandice Barber's husband Daniel said the guilty verdict was Kandice Barber’s husband Daniel said the guilty verdict was “a joke”.Alamy Stock Photo

“You can’t make me blush when I teach now, poker face,” she wrote in a message.

A fellow student also claimed he saw messages from Barber and asked, “Do you prefer boobs or bums?”

The 15-year-old also showed a friend a shower selfie with Barber’s face and a snapshot of her leaning over a bed.

Barber was arrested in March 2020, four months after the headmistress discovered an X-rated picture of her making the rounds of the school.

Her husband defended his wife in court and told the jury that their marriage was as “strong” as ever, called her his “stone” and said he was not affected by their belief, Sun said.

Meanwhile, Barber’s former boyfriend described her as a “wonderful girl” and a “great mother,” the Daily Mail reported.

But he added that their relationship came to an end due to their insatiable sexual demands.

“When I heard about the video and picture she sent this boy where they had sexual contact, it reminded me of our relationship. I thought, ‘That sounds like Kandice,’ the ex, who didn’t want to be named, told the point of sale.

“That was the stuff she got into and it didn’t surprise me at all, but what shocked me was that she did it with a kid. I can’t believe how stupid she was, ”he said.

The former boyfriend said he met Barber on the dating website Plenty of Fish and that their relationship was dominated by her “huge sex drive” – ​​as she demanded sex up to six times a day.

“She liked to do it outside, sometimes in the car, in the garden or in the woods. We’d go somewhere and she’d say, “Hold on, I’m feeling awesome.” It just got too much for me, ”he told the Daily Mail.

Kandice Barber TrialKandice Barber is on trial in Aylesbury after allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old college student.W8Media /

“Everyone has their own needs and things like that upset them, but in the end I couldn’t take care of them, I just had enough. It was too exaggerated, ”he said.

“Kandice is a wonderful girl, a great mother, and overall very law abiding. During our time together, she never got a parking ticket. But when it came to sex, she was just incredibly perky and that got her into all these trouble, ”he added.