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Many Extra Intercourse Offenders Are Residing In One Englewood Constructing Than First Identified, Elevating Authorized Crimson Flags — However Ex-Offenders Say They Have Few Choices

CHICAGO (CBS) – We reported to you last month of concerns about more than 20 registered sex offenders in a building in Englewood.

It turns out that there are well over 20. According to the police, 54 registered sex offenders live in the building.

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CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov noted that this raises some serious legal questions.

There are 12 units in the Englewood building. However, put the zip code it is in on the Illinois Department of Corrections’ database of registered sex offenders, and 60 of them currently list that one address as their home address.

Englewood activist Andrea Drane said this was unacceptable.

“We feel like the Illinois Department of Corrections and the City of Chicago are using our community as a garbage dump,” said Drane.

About 40 more sex offenders live in the building than originally thought when CBS 2’s Jermont Terry first investigated. This includes men like Cayce Williams, who attacked and murdered a toddler in the 1990s and who are not from Chicago.

Former resident Jasmine Tinsley said the landlady didn’t tell her about the former perpetrators until she moved in – while she was pregnant with her 6-year-old.

“Why are so many sex offenders and pedophiles registered at this address?” Said Tinsley.

Civil rights attorney Adele Nicholas said these men had very few opportunities in life.

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“Right now there is a crisis caused by Illinois law that is overriding almost all homes in the state,” said Nicholas.

But is it legal for so many ex-offenders to live in one building? Illinois law states that persons convicted of parole or parole of a sex offense “should not live in the same address or unit … with another person … he or she knows … is a convicted sex offender.”

The only exception is if it is a temporary shelter, which this building is not.

“This is not half a house,” said Nicholas. “These are people who pay rent and have a lease with the landlord.”

All of this raises a legal red flag. But there is another perspective.

“You have to check in. You have to check out,” said a former offender. “You have to take compulsory sex offender classes.”

The registered perpetrator said he must also wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. We agreed not to show his face, but we listened.

“People here cry every night. They apologize for the things they did. They served time. I am 31 years old. I have to keep explaining the actions of an 18 year old child, ”he said. “If you believe people can change, give them a chance, man!”

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Kozlov spoke to the landlord, Amer Mostafa, who said the men had the right to live and rent in the building or wherever they can. He also said that no nonprofit is conducting an operation outside of the building – but that doesn’t allay the concerns of many neighborhood residents.