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Man arrested for youngster intercourse abuse after calling cops on himself


A 74-year-old Texarkana man who allegedly called the police himself to report that he had been sexually inappropriate with a minor for about two years was charged with indecency in Bowie County.

Billy Joe Rembert reportedly called the police in Texarkana, Texas on May 24, according to a document with a likely cause. Rembert reportedly told the responding officer that in the past two years he had started touching a 14-year-old girl “all over”.

Rembert reportedly told officers that he started talking to the girl about sex when he was 14.

“Rembert said he was concerned that older men would take advantage of her and wanted to teach her the proper ways to have sex,” the affidavit reads.

Rembert allegedly claimed he only touched the girl above her clothes.

Rembert was arrested for indecency with a child through sexual contact. If convicted, he faces two to 20 years imprisonment. Rembert was released from Bowie County Jail on a $ 75,000 loan a few days after his first report on May 24th.


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