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Male Escort Owes IRS $278Ok From Tax Fraud – CBS Tampa

MIAMI, Fla. (CW69 News at 10) – Judge Roy K. Altman sentenced a Florida male escort who lied to the IRS about his income to 21 months in prison, according to a statement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the southern Florida district.

According to court records:

  • The 46-year-old Jami Kopacz worked as a paid escort directly for individual customers and for a private escort company as an independent contractor
  • Kopacz founded JK Trading LLC, a Florida based company “Subchapter S” which he founded in 2015, and he accepted payment for his work by cash, check, wire transfer, and electronic money transfer
  • Kopacz, the sole owner of JK Trading, has decided to disclose the company’s income and losses on its personal tax return.
  • From 2015 to 2018, Kopacz filed false corporate tax returns with the IRS that indicated that JK Trading’s gross receipts and total income were significantly undervalued. This understatement in JK Training’s corporate tax returns spilled over into Kopacz’s individual tax returns, which were also false because they underestimated his total income.
  • Kopacz caused the Internal Revenue Service a total tax loss of $ 278,325.

In addition to imposing a prison sentence, Judge Altman ordered Kopacz to repay $ 278,325 to the IRS.