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Mahindra, Sonalika, Eicher, Escorts and John Deere Tractor Gross sales in February 2021

Mahindra tractor

Although sales of two-, three-wheelers and commercial vehicles fell in February, sales of passenger cars and tractors rose.

Two-wheeler sales fell 16.08 percent, while three-wheeler and CV sales fell 49.65 percent and 29.53 percent, respectively, according to reports from FADA – Federation of Automobile Dealers Association. Tractor pricesin contrast, rose by 18.89% in the previous month.

The total number of units sold was 61,351 compared to 51,602 in February. As can be seen from the attached bank, every tractor manufacturer has redesigned their tractor.

With the exception of Force Motors and Captain, every tractor manufacturer had positive sales as shown in the attached table. This year even CNG tractors were also introduced in the Indian market.

Sonalika, Mahindra Farm Vehicles and Mahindra Swaraj

The Mahindra tractor was again number one with sales of 13,492 units, up 8.19 percent from the 12,471 units sold in the same month last year. In January, however, sales were down on the previous month with 13,476 units sold.

Mahindra Swaraj’s sales in February rose 11.18 percent year over year. 10,191 units were sold, up from 9,166 on February 20. In contrast, sales remained stable in a month-on-month comparison and were 10,211 units sold on January 21.

The company expects to introduce a new line of increasingly powerful tractors to aid smallholders in their puddling activities. Retail Tractors Selling February 2021 – FADA is a non-profit organization that sponsors Swaraj. She recently launched the Swaraj 742XT tractor, which is specifically designed for mechanizing rice fields and has proven to be powerful and economical in puddle operations.

Sonalika Tractor sold 8,443 units in February, up 36.60 percent from 6,181 units in the previous month. However, sales fell by 2.36 percent month-on-month. On January 21st, 8,647 units were sold. Raman Mittal, Executive Director of Sonalika Group, also announced that the company has achieved its goals.

Raman Mittal, Executive Director of Sonalika Group, also announced that the company had its highest cumulative domestic sales ever of 1,06,432 units from March to February, an increase of 35.5 percent over the same period last year. According to him, this was the fastest domestic 1 lakh tractor sale by any tractor brand in the domestic market.

Escorts, John Deere, TAFE

John Deere, TAFE and Escorts Sales of Escorts Agri Machinery rose 23.38 percent to 7,118 units in February 2021, compared to 5,769 units sold on February 20. Sales rose by 2.55% year-on-year to 6,941 units sold on January 21, Agri Machinery rose by 23.38% to 7,118 units in February 2021.

Sales rose by 2.55% year-on-year to 6,941 units that were sold on January 21. Agri Equipment Escorts sales rose 23.38 percent in February 2021 to 7,118 units from 5,769 in February 20. Retail tractors sales in February 2021 – FADA, a non-profit organization that promotes TAFE, came in fifth the list (Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd).

6,420 units were delivered on February 21, an increase of 30.20 percent compared to 4.31 units sold on February 20. With 6,230 units delivered on January 21, sales grew by 2.55 percent compared to the previous year. On February 21, TAFE also launched a new line of tractors.

The Dynatrack The tractor series is a high-tech line of agricultural, transport and construction tractors.

The Dynatrack Series is an advanced line of tractors with VersaTech Technology used in livestock, transportation, and industrial applications. The wheelbase of the series can be extended and is therefore ideal for year-round use.

Last month, John Deere and Eicher also posted sales growth of 22.50 percent and 15.93 percent, respectively, while Kubota, VST and Indo Farms saw growth. Force Motors and Captain tractor prices, on the other hand, fell 25.06 percent and 27.81 percent, respectively.