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Maddie Lynch comes house with police escort and family members to greet her – WBIW

Maddie Lynch comes house with police escort and family members to greet her – WBIW

FAYETTEVILLE – Today tears were shed, but not from sadness, but from joy, appreciation, reflection and gratitude when Maddie Lynch came home from the hospital.

Barbra Southern sheds tears of joy when Maddie stopped by in a vehicle on the way home after being in the hospital since January.

Maddie suffered a head injury following a traffic accident on January 27, 2021 that required urgent action to take Maddie to hospital for treatment.

Bedford cops Cody Emmons and Jeremy Bridges learned that the next ambulance had to leave Bloomington. Instead of waiting, they loaded Maddie into a police car and took her to the hospital.

Bedford cop Cody Emmons is hugged by a family member of Maddie’s family. Officer Jeremy Bridges waits for his turn.

Maddie’s family appreciate the efforts of both officers to save their lives. The heroic officers escorted Maddie from Johnny Junxions to Fayetteville Baptist Church, where several people waited to welcome her home.

Maddie’s volleyball teammates and friends were there, thanking them for finally coming home.

Maddie’s volleyball teammates greet her home.

“Those three months felt like forever without her,” said Maddie Robertson. One of the three Maddies or Matties on the volleyball team. “We’re super excited and pumped and ready to see her today.”

“She definitely has a great personality and we missed that, especially everyone in school and the mood has just gotten worse since she left,” said Mattie Leamar.

Maddie Lynch waves to the well-wishers on the way home from the hospital.

“Maddie was the noisy teammate who was always cheering you on and keeping your energy up,” said Abby Embry.

The teammates remember the fun times and the bus drives home from the games.

Maddie’s competitiveness, athletic spirit, and athletic attitude played a significant role in her recovery.

Bedford police officer Jeremy Bridges is hugged by a Maddie family member.

Maddie’s family members got out of their vehicle to thank Bedford police officers Cody Emmons and Jeremy Bridges. Both police officers said, “We are glad that she is home.”

A volleyball net decorated with greetings at Lynch’s home.

The lawn of Lynch’s house was decorated with greetings that added the finishing touches to the return of this beloved young lady.

This was a happy occasion for many after a long journey of recovery.

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