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Lyon County might enable escort companies

YERINGTON, Nevada (KOLO) -Lyon County is considering legalizing non-sexual escort services.

The Lyon County Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 on Thursday to start the process.

The point was suggested by Commissioner Ken Gary, who said he was not a pro brothel “but believes brothels are the only company that will remain closed throughout the entire COVID response,” the county said in a statement. “Gray commented that they wanted to give them the ability to survive as a company.”

The escort service would not be legal in Fernley and Yerington but would be legal in unincorporated areas of Lyon County.

Nye County’s District Attorney Steven Rye said there was no legal framework and it needed to be set up to license and regulate the business.

Lyon County reported that some Nevada counties do not offer escort services, some allow it and others prohibit it. Storey County allows non-sexual escort services, and this regulation precedes the current pandemic.

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Commissioners discuss legalization of escort services in Lyon County

– LYON COUNTY, NV (@LYONOEM) February 19, 2021