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LSU introduces the Protected Escort Service | Information

The LSU police authorities offer a safe escort service for people who do not feel safe at night walking to their destination.

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People walking alone on campus can be exposed to dangerous situations at night. But now the Safe Escort Service provided by the LSU Police Department is just a phone call away.

If a person goes to their destination after the campus transit service ends at midnight, they are strongly advised to request a ride from LSU PD.

To use the service, you can contact LSU PD by dialing the non-emergency phone at 225-578-3231, or use the LSU Shield app and click on the “Request Safe Transport” function.

Once the ride has been requested, an LSU police officer must be dispatched in a fully labeled unit to the caller’s location on campus and present themselves on arrival for a free ride to any destination on the LSU campus.

LSU Police Officer Kim Bass stated that safety is a top priority for LSU on this campus. “That’s what we’re here for, and we want our students [including faculty and staff] to be sure while they get here, “said Bass.

“We provide all the resources like Safe Escort Service. If you need a ride you can give us a call,” she added.

Further information is available by downloading the LSU shield app or by visiting the LSU police authority website.