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Lily Allen’s wildest confessions from medicine and escorts to secret Liam Gallagher romp

Singer Lily Allen has earned a reputation for being straightforward and refreshingly honest in all aspects of her life.

Whether sex, drugs or cheating on her husband, she has confessed to them all and is in no rush to censor herself anytime soon.

Lily has made personal recordings of her personal life in interviews, in her autobiography, and even in her music, and has disclosed many secrets about what happened to her behind closed doors.

When the Not Fair singer turns 36, at Daily Star we rounded up her wildest and raunchiest confessions to celebrate her candor.


Lily admitted that she never had an orgasm until her mid-twenties

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Lily was very open about the fact that she did not have an orgasm until she was in her mid-twenties.

She dealt with never having an orgasm and attributed it to only sleeping with people when she was drunk.

She explained to Dazed Digital: “Only in my mid-twenties. I wasn’t very committed to self-love in this part of my life.

“I’d never climaxed with a partner, probably because sleeping with people made me so drunk that I became desensitized to feeling something.”

On an episode of the popular show Shopping With Keith Lemon, Keith asked her, “Is it true that you did not have an orgasm until you were 20?”

Lily replied, “Much later. I don’t think many women have orgasms. I think a lot of women fake orgasms.”

Lily told Keith exactly how a first class lover could get her there and said, “Come on down and kiss it till I’m done!”

Third nipple

The star showed that she had a third nipple that could stand up

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In the same episode of Shopping With Keith Lemon, the star made more revealing confessions.

This time she admitted that she had a third hidden nipple.

After Keith urged to know where it was, she pointed at her under her left breast and replied, “Under my second nipple.”

Keith asked, “Is it just a mole?” to which Lily replied, “No, it’s a real thing.”

She added, comically, “It actually rises when you stroke it. Yes, and it actually lactates.”


Lily Allen

Lily revealed all about her preferences for self-enjoyment

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Lily has also gotten very personal about masturbation, describing how much she loves sex toys and what difficulties she faced at first.

She explained, “When it came to masturbation, I wasn’t persistent enough, I just gave up. I felt weird trying to get pleasure, it didn’t feel like something that felt natural to me. Then I discovered sex toys and it broke the barrier of intimacy with myself. “

Lily later added, “In the beginning, I was so uncomfortable with myself and myself that it looked like I would repel myself if I sat down with my hands and happily tried to feel and touch myself bring a certain place special time in my life, “

While she now says she enjoys masturbating, she admits that she is “not very good at just wiggling my hands” and even came out with her own sex toy, the Liberty, and starred in the IMasturbate campaign .

The singer is not embarrassed and instead finds it good to speak openly about it. She believes that “the older you get, the more inhibited people talk about masturbation”.

Take drugs to lose weight

Lily Allen

Lily has always been open to her struggles with alcohol and drugs over the years

Lily has also opened up to the use of drugs and alcohol in order to cope with the very dark times of her life.

She confessed that she became addicted to Adderall after first taking it to lose weight.

“I was 14-stone [196 lbs.] and just didn’t feel like a pop star at all, ”she said.

“So I started taking this drug called Adderall, which is like speed to lose weight. And then I got addicted to this drug because it made me invincible and I could work really long hours and be all the different people that I was. that I needed to be at the time. “

She then turned to alcohol as a distraction from drug use and got into a downward spiral.

Lily admitted, “Then I got up in the morning and gagged the little bottles of vodka or whiskey or whatever was left – without the drugs. I thought, ‘I think I have a drinking problem. And none of it is going to stop working . Maybe I should try heroin. “

This low point caused the singer to “face her demons” and get help.

Oasis affair

Lily Allen

Lily had a secret romp with Oasis singer Liam Gallagher

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The singer confessed that she slept with Oasis star Liam Gallagher in 2009 when he was married to Nicole Appleton.

She made the revelation in her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly, saying the incident took place on a plane for the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

“We got hammered on the plane. At one point Liam and I were in the bathroom together doing something he shouldn’t have done, and it wasn’t drugs. Then we were in a bed together.

“When we landed in Tokyo, Liam said in his distinctive nasal twang, ‘What are you doing now? Why don’t you come back to our hotel? I said,’ Yeah, OK. ‘

“It wasn’t until the next day when he said something like ‘Nobody can hear about Nic’ that I found out that he was married.”

In April 2018 Nicole wrote a threatening tweet with the words: “One day our paths will cross via @lilyallen!”

Hiring of female prostitutes

Lily Allen

Lily’s marriage to her husband Sam collapsed in 2016

In one of her most scandalous revelations, Lily admitted hiring female prostitutes while she was still married in her autobiography.

While at rock bottom in her marriage, she confessed that she “didn’t want male company.”

On the Kyle and Jackie O Show, she stated, “It was more like a period of time when I felt incredibly lonely and kind of at the end of my joke,” she said.

“I was looking for something. I was looking for a point of sale. It’s not exactly a great sex story, it’s more about hotel rooms and being alone and very far away from my kids and husband.”

She later told her 870,000 Instagram followers: “I slept with female companions when I was on tour because I was lost and lonely and looking for something.”

Lily met those accompanying them in 2014 when she suffered from postnatal depression after the birth of her second daughter Marnie a year earlier.

After five years of marriage in 2016, she separated from her husband Sam.

If this story affects you or someone you know, contact Alcoholics Anonymous for free support on 0800 9177 650 or email