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Letter to the editor: Shield intercourse schooling in Montana | Opinion

The current debate on Senate Bill SB 99, Planned Parenthood and Sex Education in Schools brought back old memories. When I was studying teen pregnancy as a nursing student in 1977, I interviewed two middle school principals. Both forty men were visibly uncomfortable talking to me and acknowledging that there were no sex education curricula in their schools.

One of the clients shared an impressive anecdote. After a student had unprotected sex, she took one of her mother’s birth control pills. The student did not get pregnant. Your mother did. Sex education is important. Planned Parent Education staff reaches 1.5 million people each year, and 64% of these people are middle and high school age youth. SB 99 would prohibit school districts from allowing Planned Parenthood to offer materials or lessons in schools. Please protect Sex Ed in Montana. Contact your legislator and ask them to vote no on SB 99.