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Letter: Medically correct intercourse training works | Prior Lake Letters to the Editor

I am writing to ask all of you to reach out to your lawmakers to endorse HF 358, the Comprehensive Sex Education Act. Comprehensive sex education programs encourage positive and affirmative communication between parents and adolescents regarding sexuality to help young people establish individual values ​​and make healthy choices.

Parents need to be aware of the truth about this important bill. Do your research and don’t let anyone tell you that it is anything other than what it is. This is a great way to teach young people (and anyone else who wants to learn something) about sexual health.

Medically correct sex education works. Decades of research show that comprehensive approaches to sex education, including information about condoms, contraception, and abstinence, are effective in delaying sexual activity and increasing condom and contraceptive use when young people of any age, including after marriage, become sexually active.

Everyone makes important decisions about their sexual and reproductive health throughout their life. However, Minnesota does not have statewide academic standards for sex education in schools. This means that students in different school districts receive completely different information about sexual and reproductive health – and some receive no information at all.

Comprehensive sex education is a key component in supporting healthy youth development. It is scientifically sound, medically correct, age-appropriate and culturally accessible. Topics include healthy relationships, consent, anatomy, HIV and other STD prevention, abstinence, sexual health, and identity. None of these topics are “dangerous” or inappropriate. This type of education helps reduce risky behaviors that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. It helps young people delay starting sexual activity until they are ready and use contraception and protection when engaging in sexually active behavior. It does not encourage teenagers to become sexually active. The invoice specifies that MDE will provide the curriculum. There is no book or curriculum in place yet.

To hear your voice, reach out to our representative Tony Albright to share the importance of this for all of our children and for the adults in our communities.