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Letter: Intercourse training requirements assist | Letters

Governor Pete Ricketts urged parents to share their views on the proposed sex education standards as he urged them to be removed from the new health education standards. As a grandparent and former health education teacher, I will.

Contrary to the governor’s statement (“Ricketts: Sex Education Part of Proposed Health Standards in Nebraska Should Be Removed,” Mar 11), the proposed sex education standards do not contain “age-inappropriate content” or “unscientific content”. translate political ideas into curriculum standards. “

Since the mid-1990s, the nationally recognized, medically correct curriculum for sex education has included the same age-appropriate topics. Many Nebraska public school districts have taught much of this content. The problem is, the majority of Nebraska school districts have not provided this essential learning to their students as this content has been viewed by some as controversial.

The argument that these sensitive issues “should be addressed by parents at home” has been used for decades to justify the prohibition of sex education in schools. Teachers recognize the crucial role of parents as the first and foremost sex educator of their children. However, the vast majority of parents welcome and support the role that trained health teachers play in teaching sex education in partnership.