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Legislatures vote on three baby intercourse abuse payments

Three bills addressing the state statute of limitations on child sexual abuse were put to the vote today.

One of the bills would remove the state’s current 10-year statute of limitations and allow people to bring claims against suspected abusers or institutions regardless of the elapsed time.

Austen Schauer MP, who sponsored the bill, says the victims deserve justice and this is a way to let people know about the state’s concerns.

“The average victim doesn’t reveal anything into adulthood.
It helps identify unknown sexual predators. This is because the judicial system places a child against an adult, and mostly against a family member.
That’s because powerful individuals or organizations or individuals can cover up the crime in hopes of avoiding financial loss, “Schauer said.

According to Child USA, the median age at which a victim makes abuse claims is 52 years, and according to the Department of Justice, 86% of child abuse goes unreported.

While many voted for the bill, some had some concerns.

“So this is really an unlimited limitation period.
In fact, there is no statute of limitations at all as it is read.
And another problem that I really see with this is that it is a lawyer purchase invoice.
You don’t like the opinion you get from one lawyer, move on to the next, ”said Rep. Lawrence Klemin, Bismarck.

Although it was a very tight count, all three calculations failed.