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Lady tells principal Hialeah trainer had intercourse together with her for years beginning at 14

HIALEAH, Fla. – A Hialeah school teacher faces multiple charges after a student reported to a school principal that she had been sexually assaulted since 2009 while she was in middle school and the abuse continued for four years.

In late February, the victim told the headmistress that Jeanette Valle-Tejada, a reading teacher at Hialeah Senior High School, sexually molested her in 2009 while the girl was a middle school student. The victim said the abuse continued through her high school years.

Valle-Tejada was arrested on Friday.

According to the victim, the relationship began at age 14 and ended at age 18. Investigators said that Valle-Tejada “cared for” the victim as a mother figure and provided her with financial support. The report also states that Valle-Tejada “presented herself (to the mother of the victim) as a trustworthy person who wanted to help her daughter”.

The girl visited Teacher’s home and, according to the report, occasionally slept overnight. Valle-Tajeda also took the girl to restaurants and nightclubs.


Miami-Dade County public schools, which said the teacher had been with the district for 20 years, issued a statement Friday.

“The Miami-Dade County public schools are deeply concerned about the allegations made against this person. As soon as the allegations surfaced last month, the employee was removed from the school and Miami-Dade Schools police opened an investigation. The district will terminate her employment and she will be prevented from using this school system in the future. “

Valle-Tajeda is accused of manipulating evidence, luring or luring a child, and behaving indecently and lasciviously.

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