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Ladies stored in dungeon as intercourse slaves requested on TV present

Two women detained as teenage sex slaves for nearly four years have spoken of their fear of their rapist tormentor’s release from prison this week.

Pedophile Viktor Mokhov, now 70, has tried to track down his two prisoners and they are afraid he will pursue them behind bars after 17 years.

Katya (Ekaterina) Martynova was only 14 years old when he abducted her while making Lena Simagina three times pregnant and giving birth to her twice during her ordeal.

The monster kept them in a purpose-built underground bunker near his home in Skopin near the Russian city of Ryazan.

Now the free Mokhov – called Skopin’s Maniac in the Russian media – has invited women to go to a TV show with him to relive their terror and has found Katya’s address from his cell.

He wants to “whitewash” his appalling pedophile crimes, which began in 2000, she said.

Katya Martynova has a new life after the haunting ordeal. Source: Australscope

“He can come for me,” she said. “If we meet like this, I’ll be very scared.

“I feel shock and horror.

“I can’t imagine what I’m going to do now, and I’m afraid to imagine this meeting. He brought me so much evil and grief. I `m afraid of him. “

Katya, now 35 and happily married, was 17 when she was released after smuggling out a note that resulted in police coming to release her and Lena, who was by then pregnant with their third child.

Disturbing pictures show how they were found in the bunker.

Mokhov had taken the two oldest children from her and arranged for them to be sent to an orphanage, and the third died in childbirth after she was rescued.

Victim Katya Martynova in the basement on police photos on the day of the girls’ release. Source: Australscope

Entrance to the bunker where Victor Mokhov kept his two young sex slaves.  Source: Australscope

Entrance to the bunker where Victor Mokhov kept his two young sex slaves. Source: Australscope

“A deep wound in my soul will never heal.”

Lena, 38, now an English teacher who was 17 years old and kidnapped, made it clear that she has no intention of meeting her abuser voluntarily.

“What happened to me left a deep wound in my soul that will never heal,” she said.

She didn’t want to “relive” her deep trauma, but says she is happily married and has a family.

“As there is no program in our country to protect victims of crime, we have to take protection into our own hands,” she said.

The story goes on

Before his release, the cool Mokhov spoke behind bars and said the women had “no reason to be afraid of an old, weak man”.

Nevertheless, he sought out Lena’s contacts and asked Katya to appear on television with him despite her refusal.

“Katya wrote a book in which she turned me into a monster,” he told the local media.

“After that I wrote her two letters.

“I asked her to forgive the suffering I caused the girls.

“Katya didn’t think it necessary to answer.

“I suggested that Katya agree to participate in the TV show together.

“She does not understand that after everything they have learned through my guilt, I do not want – and have no moral right – to throw mud on them and endanger them.

“Unfortunately I can’t explain that to her.”

Every day during their ordeal, Mokhov climbed through a steel door to bring them food – and chose which of them he wanted.

Then he dragged his victim into a smaller underground room that contained only a bed and pornographic images.

He forced her to dress in gaudy underwear that he had bought.


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