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Ladies RPF personnel to escort CR locals, lengthy distance trains | Mumbai Information

MUMBAI: Starting Friday, a team of 50 women from the Railway Protection Force (RPF) will begin escorting local trains in Mumbai as well as long-distance trains on the Central Line.
The crime rate has increased since more categories of travelers were allowed to commute on local trains in Mumbai.
“In the past, these employees were mainly responsible for women’s safety. Now they will accompany the general compartment as well as the trainers. We call them RPFs Women Power,” said Jitendra Shrivastava, senior safety commissioner for the division, RPF, CR.
A team of 10 employees accompanies each rake. They are used from morning to evening. Your job will be to keep an eye out for pickpockets and thieves and to contain stunts or dangerous trips.
Currently, ladies’ buses in local trains are only accompanied by the state railway police (GFK) and the home guards at night.