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Lack of LAPD’s RHD Intercourse Crimes Unit Hurts Excessive-Profile Circumstances, Cops Say


The elimination of the LAPD’s Sex Crimes Division will result in high-profile cases being investigated – such as: Harvey Weinstein and Ron Jeremy – Much more challenging, if not nearly impossible … Law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Due to budget cuts and the move to disappoint the police department, the LAPD said that its Robbery and Murder Division (RHD) had been forced to disband its “SVU” -like division for the past 2 weeks and we were informed of the senior LAPD Officers are upset … and consider this a terrible mistake.

According to our sources, this special unit consisted of detectives with expertise and specialized training, and their work is now being expanded to other LAPD departments that some cops believe are incapable of handling them properly, which is a huge detriment to the community.

We also learned that the RHD sex crimes division has spent a ton of hours on witnesses and work cases – including serial rapes – and there is no way to make up for the workforce under the other LAPD divisions that are already full Case numbers.

Overall, our sources say that investigating sexual assault requires special skills, and RHD had a valuable pool of resources to draw from in delving into what we said was prosecuting Weinstein, Jeremy, and so many others Helped suspected criminals.

Cops aren’t the only ones affected, either. Famous lawyer Gloria Allred – who represents many alleged victims of rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse – has called on the LAPD for the removal of the Sex Crimes Division, saying … “Community safety is at risk when sex crimes are committed against women and children don’t seem to be To have more priority. “