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Kemah coach Floyd Ira Thompson accused of getting intercourse with 16-year-old trainee

KEMAH, Texas (KTRK) – A Kemah coach was charged after he assaulted a 16-year-old he was training.

According to court documents from the Galveston District Attorney’s Office, the victim stated when she began training with then 39-year-old Floyd Thompson in the spring of 2016. The victim told authorities that she took athletics seriously and was hoping for a scholarship, Thompson promised and expressed her confidence in him to lead her to success.

The victim says she was a “favorite” of Thompson. Once in December 2016, Thompson leaned over to say goodbye, hugged her, held her tight, and kissed her. The victim stated that she was confused and Thompson expressed that he liked her.

Records state that over time, Thompson told the victim what to wear.

“He told her her body was changing and that athletes wear sports and spandex,” court documents read. “She believed that if she followed him in his training methods, the promise that he would give her a track scholarship would be real.”

According to records, Thompson paid special attention to the victim and separated her from the rest of the trainees.

The first alleged sexual encounter with Thompson occurred in July and August 2018 while the victim was 16 years old. The victim told authorities that Thompson denied the incident after asking him about it. As time went on, after the victim’s 17th birthday, sexual encounters became more common, investigators said.

Documents state that the sexual encounters took place in a gym that Thompson used in Kemah.

Thompson, now 42, has been charged with four sexual assaults on a child and bail has been set at $ 100,000.

The Kemah police asked all other victims to report.

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