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Jonny Smith Takes Us By way of The Model New MST Mk2 Ford Escort

These are brand new versions of the legendary rally car of the 70s in rally car specification.

Jonny Smith’s The Late Break Show really took off last year and has amassed over 233,000 subscribers by this time. It covers everything from classic cars to modern electric vehicles to new restomods. The latter theme comes close to the theme of his latest video, one of the best episodes of the Late Brake Show to date. He visited Motorsport Tools MST HQ to see the brand new products ford EscortMk2.

The legend of the Escort Mk2 in Europe is a bit like the AE86 Corolla on this side of the pond, as a simple, lightweight, rear-wheel drive that is easy to tune. But the Mk2 adds a rich rally history to the record.

The MST catalog offers a wide range for customizing Mk1 and Mk2 escorts

MST doesn’t start with restorations or restomods, but build brand new cars with an Mk2 emblem in full asphalt rally specification. There are many possibilities for the car, as Jonny shows us in the catalog, but the most interesting section is related to the body. You can have it in the Group 4 era rally finish or the ultimate modern finish and even the Mk1 Escort style is available. Jonny actually drives the Mk2 Escort Mule Car, but it’s very similar to what clients will get their hands on.

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The MST Mk2 Escort is a real driver’s car

via YouTube

On the street it feels a lot like an Mk2 escort. Jonny is shorter than a modern day Fiesta and says that its small size makes it perfect for back roads and lays the foundation for the future of driver cars. “Who Needs a 200 Mile Supercar?” he says. Motorsport Tools UK’s entire operations are based on the former farm of Carwyn Ellise, the company’s managing director, and the barns have been converted into storage space.

Under the hood is a 2.5-liter Duratec engine with around 200 hp. What makes these cars so iconic are the images of them being thrown through rally stages in the 70s and 80s, which is why the Mk2, while not as visually distinctive as the Mk1, are as popular as driver cars.

The Mk1 Escort prototype is also in the works

via YouTube

In the factory where Jonny shows us around, next to an actually older car, a former Marcus Gronholm WRC Ford Focus, is the almost completed Mk1 prototype from Motorsport Tools. Jonny asks, what do you compare this car with? A Cayman GT4, maybe even an Alpine? He is not sure. But it doesn’t matter either. It’s a stunning example of what can be done by putting the driver above everything.

Source: YouTube

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