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Jets HC Robert Saleh’s police escort to Knicks recreation ‘not approved’

Robert Saleh joined the playoff disadvantaged crowds at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, taking part in Game 2 of the Knicks Hawks series.

Only his arrival in the arena was a little more luxurious than most of the others.

Saleh and his three sons received a police escort from the New Jersey State Police to New York City. However, this escort was “not authorized”, the authorities announced on Friday.

“The escort of New York Jets Coach Robert Saleh through a car marked by the New Jersey State Police was unauthorized,” said NJSP Lt. Jeff Flynn, according to the New York Post. “The incident has been referred to the Office of Professional Standards for internal investigation.”

According to a video obtained from The Post, Saleh and his sons can be seen in a black SUV at the VIP entrance to Madison Square Garden. The SUV was followed by a tagged NJSP vehicle with flashing police lights.

According to The Post, Saleh’s unauthorized police escort violated the standard protocol for police escorts from New Jersey to New York City. The New Jersey State Trooper who accompanied Saleh and his sons had never alerted the Port Authority Police Department or the New York Police Department to the convoy, which is normally reserved for trips into the city for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is.

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