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Jean Paul Gaultier Urges Protected Intercourse — With Socks – WWD

FEET FIRST: Jean Paul Gaultier bravely glued “Safe Sex Forever” to a cinematic T-shirt in his spring 1996 collection – and he’s still hammering the message home because a cure for AIDS remains elusive.

These three key words now appear in bold red on a pair of white cotton sports socks as a fundraiser for the French charity Sidaction, which funds research into HIV and AIDS and helps people around the world live with the disease.

These limited edition socks by Jean Paul Gaultier are supposed to raise money for the AIDS charity Sidaction.

The limited edition socks will be sold from Friday on the website and in the Tom Greyhound boutique in Paris for 22 euros. All winnings go to Sidaction. Think of the socks as an addition to Gaultier’s playful face masks – in sailor stripes with two red lips – who collected donations last year.

Gaultier, who lost his partner Francis Menuge to AIDS in 1990, was a tireless activist for the cause and last held a virtual version of his annual fundraising gala during Couture Week.

“The fight against AIDS is above all a personal story: This fight is particularly close to my heart. I was faced with this scourge that took my friend away, ”said the designer. “I remember the rejection patients faced at the beginning. I have always been outraged to know that someday anyone could be affected. I want to talk to young people and try to raise their awareness because they always think that HIV and AIDS do not affect them. “

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