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“James Bond” Star Naomie Harris Is Pushing to Ban These Intercourse Scenes

Many celebrities have provisions in their employment contracts when it comes to getting intimate on screen, from nudity clauses to specific rules for the romantic scenes they want to attend. Well, James Bond star Naomie Harris speaks out against certain sex scenes and demands a complete ban on these scenes. Read on to find out what kind of scenes Harris and other actors want to remove from the entertainment industry forever, and for more celebrities who have come up on the topic, read Sarah Jessica Parker Says They Don’t Do These Kinds of becomes sex scene.

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The Time’s Up UK movement, a charity that was founded afterwards Harvey Weinsteins The sexual abuse of women in Hollywood became known in 2018, pushing for new guidelines for the film industry regarding sex scenes. “The nudity, simulated sexual content, and agreed choreography of the intimate scene, represented by duplication, should be limited to what was originally agreed by the actor,” the proposed guidelines state. “This goes for digital or body doubling.” This would mean there would be no more cases where actors with non-nudity clauses in their contracts could portray their characters nude through body doubles or with digital editing without their express permission.

Harris endorsed the mission in a statement in which the actor said it was “absolutely welcome”[s]”The changes that the organization proposed.” They show that whatever your situation you have options. These guides help provide people with the resources and information they need to find the best way forward, “said Harris. Sign up for our daily newsletter to get the latest entertainment news delivered right to your inbox receive.

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In the event that changes are made to a sex scene or an implicit nudity scene that has already been filmed, Time’s Up UK should require the actor’s express permission – as in the case of removing clothing from an actor’s footage during the Machining process, which was known to have been done Jessica Alba in the movie Machete, as The Daily Mail points out. (Alba was part of that decision, however.)

“No computer-generated images, prostheses, or digitization of your image or body in relation to the nude and simulated sex scenes may be performed without your written consent,” the proposed guidelines state.

And for another actor struggling with a sex scene, check out Salma Hayek who said this was the toughest sex scene she ever had to direct.

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The new guidelines not only require actors to fully consent to the representation of nude or sex scenes by body doubling or editing, but also suggest the implementation of the language in the actors’ employment contracts stating which actors are willing to act simulate which body parts their fellow actors are allowed to touch and in which undressing situations they feel comfortable when they are filmed.

“We developed these resources with our sisters in the US for people in the entertainment industry who are in situations that are awkward at best or dangerous at worst,” said Dame Heather discountswho is the chairman of Time’s Up UK

To learn more about the type of situation these guidelines hope to avoid, read Sharon Stone Says She Was Lied About This Famous Explicit Scene.

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It is not just Harris, however, who is advocating the cause. Other stars are already backing the mission to ensure that the actors’ boundaries are respected during sex scenes.

Ruth Wilson, Star of Showtime series The Affair, said the entertainment industry had been working too long without the “necessary safety precautions” for the cast.

“Regardless of your experience, whether it’s your first time negotiating a sex scene or observing abusive behavior on the set, these guidelines are an essential resource,” Wilson said in a statement. “Everyone deserves to feel safe at work, and these are a big step towards reality.” For more celebrities, see This Child Star Shows The Harm Of Sexualization At A Young Age.