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Introducing the New Escort Dynamax 12 Gauge Shotgun

The new Escort Dynamax Shotgun. IMG Hatsan USA

United States – ( – Bentonville, AR (May 10, 2021) – Escort’s Dynamax semi-automatic shotgun is a marvel of modern engineering. Designed to be the perfect combination of speed and comfort, the Dynamax has a number of features designed to maximize both performance and value.

The Dynamax is equipped with the state-of-the-art, patented Hybrid Cycling System (HCS) from Escort. It combines the best of both traditional bicycle operating systems, gas and kinetics. The Dynamax drives light loads like a conventional gas system, but uses much less gas. As a result, the recoil is reduced and the cycle rate is faster and more efficient. With less noticeable recoil, a shooter will capture targets faster, making subsequent shots more effective. Using less gas to cycle the gun also means the Dynamax doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. The HCS is easy to disassemble and makes maintenance easier than ever.

The entire barrel / receiver module is oxidation resistant for ultimate weather resistance. The precision-made barrel is made of Ni-Cr-Mo steel and is lined with hard chrome. The bolt of the Dynamax is also made of Ni-Cr-Mo steel and hard chrome plated to ensure a long service life, lower friction and maximum corrosion resistance. This unrivaled process ensures maximum durability and offers the highest resistance to rust and corrosion. In addition, all Escort kegs undergo rigorous proof testing to ensure both strength and longevity.

The Dynamax inventory is a great example of the form meeting feature. The DaSoft finish offers abrasion and UV protection and at the same time improves durability and feel. The advanced elastic material and V-shaped vents of the DynaPad recoil cushion provide excellent recoil absorption to maximize shooting comfort. The Dynamax is also equipped with an integrated DynaComb cheek piece, which increases comfort and reduces the recoil of the felt. All of these features make the Dynamax a dream to shoot with, even with the heaviest Magnum charges.

The unique two-piece modular design makes the Dynamax one of the fastest and easiest to assemble and disassemble shotguns in the world. The two-part modular structure consists of the storage / fume cupboard module and the run / receiver module. Thanks to this intuitive design, the shotgun can be completely disassembled and reassembled in just a few seconds without tools. Simply loosen the magazine cap a few turns and the two modules can be separated.

Escort Dynamax features

    • Can fire both 3-inch and 2-inch grenades
    • Oxidation-proof chrome-plated barrel
    • The Hybrid Cycling System (HCS) combines speed, range and comfort
    • Multi-choke system suitable for steel shot (F, IM, M, IC, CYL)
    • 4 + 1 round cup capacity
    • Additional migration plug to reduce the capacity to 2 + 1
    • Steel receiver with 11 mm groove for optical mounts
    • DaSoft Stock Finish for increased durability and a soft-touch feeling
    • Vented DynaPad piston pad for maximum recoil absorption
    • DynaComb elastically padded cheek rest for ultimate shooting comfort
    • Checkered and ventilated anti-glare rib
    • Manual cross button trigger security
    • Detachable swivel
    • HiViz fiber optic visor

Escort Dynamax specifications

    • 12 gauge, 3 “magnum chamber
    • 28 “barrel length
    • 5 chokes included (F, IM, M, IC, CYL)
    • 4 + 1 capacity (2 + 1 with migration plug)
    • 50 “overall length
    • 7 lbs.

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