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‘Intercourse within the Metropolis’ makes theater debut at Bucks County Playhouse

The creator of “Sex in the City”, a book, a TV show and two films, is restarting the franchise as a theater. Candace Bushnell is preparing a solo exhibition: “Is there still sex in town?” for its premiere this summer at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope.

Bushnell said the show, which runs June 22 through July 18, is about her life from arriving in New York to a career as a writer and creating the character Carrie Bradshaw based largely on her own life On Managing The Ups And The Downs Of A Touchstone Of Pop Culture And Aging Out Of The Adolescent Lifestyle She Recorded.

The show takes its title from Bushnell’s 2019 novel – again based on personal experiences – after a group of friends who navigated dating and relationships in their 50s. Bushnell said the theatrical production will not be a stage version of this novel, but rather the personal experiences that informed him.

Candace Bushnell brings her standard poodles Prancer and Pepper to the stage at the Bucks County Playhouse for the one-woman show “Is There Still Sex In Town?” (Emma Lee / WHY)

“The book is really about life after 50, you know, as a woman or a man in a time when you should kind of go away and be invisible,” Bushnell said. “That just doesn’t happen these days. Our life doesn’t end at 50. “

Bushnell, 62, has never acted in the theater. A bestselling author and creator of a phenomenally popular TV show from 1998 to 2004, she has spent countless hours in front of audiences for interviews, book events, and lectures, but this will be her first time appearing in a fully scripted theater production.