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Intercourse trafficking survivor hopes she may also help others in related conditions

A year ago, Alexis Martin was released from prison after being convicted of the murder of a man who sold her for sex. Now she’s focused on helping others get through a similar trauma.

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“There are many survivor programs out there right now, just as there are many rehab programs,” said Martin. “You have all the programs for, but what are you doing about the problem before it occurs? So that’s my mission.”

Martin is enrolled at Ohio State University and said she was developing a contact program there to help victims of child trafficking. The program offers counseling, jobs, and tutoring for others.

She said this is just the beginning to get help for those who want it.

“Every butterfly has to fight out of its cocoon,” said Martin. “It just won’t open because you have to fight to achieve this beauty. So don’t give up.”

If you would like to support Martin and her program, you can contact the Ohio Justice and Policy Center.

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