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Intercourse trafficking could enhance at Tremendous Bowl

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – According to Global Education Philanthropist, Super Bowl weekend marks the first time kids have been sold for sex, and technology is helping these predators track down and trick their prey.

The Game Millions of Americans gather to watch it.

However, for some, it’s a very dangerous day.

Global Education Philanthropist founder Cammy Bowker, more children will be trafficked than ever before on Super Bowl weekend.

This is evident from figures from the Homeland Security Agency, law enforcement cases and investigations from several institutions.

“The Super Bowl is considered the weekend when you have sex with minors,” Bowker said.

Added, “People want the greatest experience, bigger than life, to throw the biggest party.”

Bowker says it’s not just a problem in the city where the Super Bowl is taking place.

“Yes, it’s more happening where people fly in to attend the festivities,” Bowker said. “But that’s not the only place that Super Bowl parties are held. All of our neighborhoods have parties, people from all over the world come together, so no, it’s not all about Vegas, Tampa or any other American city. It is everywhere.”

How that happens, says Bowker: “The Internet changes everything.”

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

It doesn’t matter which media platform it is.

According to Bowker, sex traffickers are flocking to the internet more than ever on Super Bowl weekend.

“I know of one case where a girl was trafficked via live stream on Snapchat,” Bowker said.

A case she says could have been stopped if her parents knew.

Therefore, she urges mothers and fathers to pay attention.

“Know who your kids are talking to online. I know that as a parent it is sometimes easier not to get into confrontation with them. Believe me, I am a mother, I understand for sure. But you know who they’re talking to online, ”said Bowker.

There are places where a sex trafficking victim can be identified, especially on Super Bowl weekend.

Many victims can be found in hotels.

If you think you have seen signs of human trafficking, call law enforcement immediately.