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Intercourse offender charged with not updating registration info | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

Intercourse offender charged with not updating registration info | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

A sex offender with a Warren County address was charged with failing to register and provide the required information after police learned he was working in Florida.

Richard L. Sweet, 47, has been charged with three offenses by the Warren-based Pennsylvania State Police – one for requiring him to verify his address and be photographed, and two for failure to provide correct information.

According to Megan, Sweet has a 10 year registration that began in 2013.

It comes from a 1993 Erie County conviction of attempted involuntary deviating from sexual intercourse and indecent assault.

State Police say in the probable cause affidavit that they were tip alerted earlier this month that Sweet did not live at his reported 5 Frontier Dr address in Pittsfield Twp. in the “Well over a year, maybe two years.”

On March 5th, the police went to this residence and Sweet was not there. One resident told police that Sweet went to work and would be back later that day. Police said he did not provide any required employment information when he registered.

That resident gave Sweet a phone number for Sweet to the police. Police claim Sweet never provided that number to the police as required “And according to Verizon, this phone had been around since 2019.”

The soldiers contacted Sweet by phone and told them he was working in Florida after he left on February 29. The police determine that 2021 was not a leap year.

The soldiers here contacted the Florida police, who located Sweet. That officer “Remembered he made an obituary notice in the fall of 2020 and Sweet was there.” The officer reported that too “Sweet showed him a plane ticket to return to Pennsylvania later that day.”

On March 8, police said Sweet showed up at Starbrick barracks to complete his annual registration. He updated his phone number, police claim, but did not add any employment information.

Soldiers say they received an arrest warrant “For historical GPS location data for Sweet from Verizon” I haven’t received this information yet.

On March 10, the soldiers returned to the residence of Frontier Dr. and found out that Sweet had gone to Wattsburg for work.

The police tried to clarify with the resident when Sweet was there and learned that he might have been there for a week in November and informed the police that this was the case “Sure, he didn’t spend any nights at 5 Frontier Dr. in February 2021 because his home was in Florida.”

The affidavit emphasizes that Sweet “Did not provide required information if he did not live at the address given.”

Sweet was indicted Thursday by District Judge Todd Woodin. Online court records show he is being held in the county jail on $ 50,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for the end of this month.

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