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In accordance To NIA, Sachin Waze Used Authorities Automobile To Escort Explosives-Laden SUV

In a plea for Sachin Waze’s custody, NIA claimed he used his own government vehicle to escort the SUV laden with explosives and drove the police vehicle to the “crime scene” on February 25, according to TOI.

NIA sources said Waze, who drove the Innova that was chasing the scorpion near the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani.

A police officer who was the Innova’s official driver told the NIA that after finishing his duty on February 24, he parked it at police headquarters and went home. It’s still not clear who drove the car to Thane from where Waze lives. Officials said the NIA suspects the scorpion was driven by a police officer.


Meanwhile, on Tuesday evening, NIA seized a Mercedes car used by Waze and seized 5 rupees worth of cash, a cash machine, documents and bottles of beer. The car had the wrong license plate, like the Scorpio and Innova. The Mercedes is registered in the name of a Manisha Bhavsar. Waze took it to the police inspector’s office, where he was posted.

NIA officials searched the Crime Intelligence Unit at Police Headquarters Monday evening and confiscated a CPU, Wazes i-Pad and some documents. Sources say there is no record of the seizure of the digital video recorder, which was taken on February 27 by API Riyazuddin Kazi of the Waze Housing Association.


The recorder contained images of the scorpion parked there. NIA officials suspect the picture of a man in a PPE kit coming down from the Innova and walking towards the vehicle loaded with explosives was from Waze. Sources said Waze did not admit his role in Hiran’s murder and it is likely that more people are involved.

“Specific submissions from the NIA had revealed that the defendant Sachin Waze, who served as assistant police inspector in the criminal investigation department, was implicated in the conspiracy that resulted in the explosive-laden SUV being placed on Carmichael Road on February 25th “, it says in the remand detention of the NIA. The investigating authority said they had confiscated the vehicle on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Waze was taken into NIA custody through March 25th in connection with an investigation into the recovery of explosives from the SUV parked outside Antilia on February 25th. February 25th and 25th had surfaced. “There is enough prima facie evidence to prove the defendant’s involvement in the conspiracy to commit the crime,” says the remand prisoner.

The NIA’s pre-trial detention indicated that the three crimes – Mansukh Hiran’s murder, planting of explosives and vehicle theft – were apparently linked. The NIA also said a threatening letter wearing the Jaish-ul-Hind terror outfit was posted on Telegram and a ransom note was made assuming responsibility for the incident. It was said that the person in Tihar Prison who allegedly sent the message was taken into custody by the special cell in Delhi along with the mobile instrument used. The NIA said Wazes custody was required to review the evidence.

It also states that Waze’s criminal history must be put on record in order to clarify the current conspiracy and the likely links, if any. The NIA claimed the cases were currently being handled by four investigators, with Waze being the second. “There are inconsistencies in the delivery of memos that need to be resolved by the defendant,” said the NIA.

Calling the crimes serious, the NIA said the conspiracy angle needed to be thoroughly investigated and the identity of the co-conspirators established through an ongoing investigation at Waze. “As a police officer with great resources and influence, the agency needs time to connect the missing links,” says the remand prisoner.

The NIA said there were “reasonable and legitimate reasons” for Waze police custody and for confrontation with its staff.