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I am unable to consider my associate’s been trying to find feminine and male escorts

I am unable to consider my associate’s been trying to find feminine and male escorts

LOVE DEIDRE: I caught my partner looking for escorts online, both men and women. Then he admitted sleeping with a female escort during the lockdown.

He had explicit photos of other women on his cell phone and had searched the internet for chat rooms.


I also saw that he was looking for STI symptomsPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

I’m 35, he’s 37 and we’ve been together for six years. I sensed something was wrong because he refused to be intimate with me.

I also saw that he had checked for STI symptoms on his laptop.

He assured me that he had not met the women he was talking to and only had sex with the escort.

He also says he’s not gay or bi, just curious and looking for excitement.

I feel like he’s ruined the last six years. In my head, our relationship starts again when I learned the truth and decided to stay with him.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Tell your partner that you care a lot so that he will be honest with you.

Maybe he suppressed gay feelings, and if so, my Support Pack Bisexual Issues will help him understand himself. He needs to sort that out first.

Your trust has been shattered, but it is possible to rebuild it. He has to take responsibility for how much he hurt you and he really has to be sorry.

My Support Pack Cheating – Can You Get Over It? can help you on that front.

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