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How to decide on bodily and chemical sunscreen? Tinanik 2 in 1, escort the solar safety journey with expertise – Press Launch

Currently, consumer awareness and the market size of sunscreens are increasing. Sunscreens are divided into physical and chemical. Different types of sunscreens have their own advantages and disadvantages. Consumers often do not know how to choose. Tinanik sunscreens combine physically and chemically, taking advantage of both, protecting the skin while resisting aging.

Now there are few sunscreens that can do two in one; Physical sunscreens use physical principles to directly reflect ultraviolet rays. These show high security, strong stability and no irritation, but are slightly greasy and lead to subsequent sludge abrasion on the floor. Waterproofing is common and must be used when sweating a lot. Chemical sunscreen is said to first absorb ultraviolet rays and then convert and release them. It is refreshing and easy to use, but after absorbing ultraviolet rays it loses its ability and needs to be reapplied. Tinanik perfectly combines the advantages of both.

Tinanik sunscreens can effectively resist UVA and UVB and isolate harmful substances on the skin, just like a natural protective film for the skin that is still intact in the sun.

Tinanik can also be used two-in-one for sensitive skin. The texture likes lotion and may lighten the skin tone. It is suitable for girls who go out without makeup. Face and body are available, feel completely unencumbered and the price is reasonable. Therefore, choose Tinanik sunscreen in the summer.

In addition, Tinanik Sunscreen contains adenosine, which nourishes the skin and repairs it after exposure to the sun. Nicotinamide reduces and prevents dull skin tones during early aging, helps improve the skin’s lack of water, addresses the pores, and makes the skin soft and clear for a long time.

Tinanik can also be used as insulation, soft and refreshing with a matt effect after use. Has good elasticity, is easy to apply evenly and also allows summer skin to breathe. There is no change after meeting water and the essentials for summer.

Tinanik sun protection is easy to use and small in dose. One bottle can last all summer. A bottle = sunscreen + whitening essence + toning cream, is better to use half an hour before going out, can also be applied to the neck, legs and other parts exposed to the sun. If you are going to be outdoors for a long time, it is recommended to apply it every 4 hours.

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