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How a suburban ‘therapeutic massage’ parlor overtly bought intercourse from procuring plaza in Cicero, police say

Cicero, NY – The Lilac Spa in Cicero referred to itself as a massage parlor. But it was no secret that there was much more to the business than harmless massages.

A quick Google search provides a description of the spa on a website whose motto is “where fantasy meets reality” and which maps and rates erotic massage parlors:

Erotic massages at $ 60 per hour. Cash only. No trucks allowed. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The salon had been selling sex from its offices in the Aldi shopping center on Route 31 for years, according to the Cicero Police Department.

Neighbors near the Lilac Spa suspected – and in some cases knew – that the salon’s employees were sex workers, police said.

But this week two spa workers were arrested after a two-month police investigation by two authorities. The two women, 58 and 59 years old, were charged with prostitution in a school zone, an offense, on Tuesday.

The place’s owners plan to boot Lilac Spa from the property, said Cicero Police Chief Steve Rotunno. On Wednesday the spa was closed and a “cease-and-desist letter” from the owner of the square, Aldi Plaza LLC, was taped on the door asking the spa to vacate the premises by Friday.

“We noticed that the tenant was operating on the premises in violation of laws, regulations and other requirements of state and local governments,” the letter said. “The allegations against the tenant are grave and criminal and are clearly in violation of Section 7 or your rental agreement. The landlord treats this matter as an immediate DEFAULT EVENT within the framework of the rental agreement. “

A cease and desist from the owners of Aldi Plaza in Cicero instructs Lilac Spa to vacate the premises.Rick Moriarty |

The spa was located in Suite 16 at 5962 State Route 31.

The ladies’ customers will not be charged, Rotunno said. You are witnessing the crimes, he said.

Police began investigating Lilac Spa in April after a resident complained that people were patronizing sex workers in a shop near two schools, Rotunno said. The spa is across from Cicero Elementary School and one shop from Cicero-North Syracuse High School.

The Cicero police opened an investigation and received a search warrant in cooperation with the state police.

The officers searched the living room on Tuesday. When the two agencies arrived, no one in the area seemed surprised, Rotunno said.

“My biggest opinion on this is that a lot of people knew this was going on. For some reason they didn’t bother to call the police, ”he said. “People clearly knew what was going on when we showed up.”

Lilac Spa owners knew the salon was selling sex, Rotunno said. The investigations against the owners remain open.

A business certificate for the Lilac Spa was filed in April 2017, according to records from the Onondaga County Clerk. The owner was listed as Fengxia Wei from Flushing, a neighborhood in Queens.

The two spa workers were also charged with illicit exercise and massage, a felony. The women from Syracuse were not licensed to give massages, the police said.

The women were issued a ticket and released from custody.

The officers asked anyone with information about other illegal massage parlors to contact the local police station.

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