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Ho`ōla Nā Pua Webinars Assist Increase Consciousness of Little one Intercourse Trafficking

Ho `ōla Nā Pua (New Life for Our Children) places the health of Hawaii’s youth at the center of their mission and vision for the community. The organization works to prevent child trafficking and at the same time takes care of exploited children. Ho `ōla Nā Pua believes that children deserve a bright future. Today, Ho `ōla Nā Pua offers an integrated program that reaches thousands of youth, community members and stakeholders across the state of Hawaii annually. It is also a national advocate for the exploited and part of the global effort to stop the sex trafficking.

According to Education Manager Tim Hitchens, programs such as the Ho `ōla Nā Pua training webinars are an important resource for raising awareness in the public, private and corporate sectors.

Do you need help or do you know someone who does this?

Help and transfer line 808.435.9555


Human Services Department of Child Trafficking

808.832.1999 (Oahu)

888.398.1188 (neighboring islands)


Further information can be found at: #SHINETHELIGHT #PEARLHAVEN