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Here is How A lot A 1989 Ford Escort GT Is Value As we speak

The ford Escort GT was an extremely popular car in the late 1980s and early 90s. For some time it was number one for the world’s best-selling car. Not only in the USA, where it was made, as the whole world loved the Escort GT. But why?

Ford’s GT model had an impressive look and an even more impressive performance. Everything about it poured fun, thrills, and excitement from the engine to the interior and exterior design. Unfortunately, the escort models were discontinued in 2002. Nevertheless, the Escort GT is still available from second-hand dealers today. You can buy them from dealers who most likely kept them in pristine condition based on the vehicle’s history.

Here you can find out more about the Fort Escort GT from 1989 and how much it would be worth today.

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1989 Ford Escort GT characteristics

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The 1989 Ford Escort GT was fitted with a 1.9 liter CVH series engine that ran on gasoline. It had a 4-stroke spark ignition which was extremely popular in the 90s. Ford could have set a trend here with the Escort GT.

Ford’s Escort GT was a mid-compact car, but it was great fun and thrill with its smooth five-speed transmission and indirect gasoline injection, both of which worked seamlessly with spark ignition. All of these features made the car even more powerful and irresistible.

The three-door hatchback can comfortably accommodate five passengers, making the car accessible not only for those who love speed and thrills. It was a very popular car in the US, as it was in all of Europe.

What made the 1989 Ford Escort GT so popular?

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The Ford Escort GT from this period was characterized by performance and reliability. The car could take a lot and give a lot in terms of control and performance.

It offered a lot of command to the drivers, but still great fun, with top speeds of over 150 mph. If you want to drive the Escort GT for a long drive, it also offers excellent mileage. The car could offer speed and durability. What else could a driver want?

Inside, the Ford Escort GT was pretty fun too. The design was pretty minimal and comfortable, with material-neutral seats, light embellishments, and minimal seams. The interior offered a fresh and unassuming feel in contrast to its sporty exterior.

Motorists can enjoy air controls, a tape recorder, and a radio. At the time, this was the most affordable car to the max, so drivers would get exactly what they would expect. Most of the fun came from the engine and steering.

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The performance details of the Ford Escort GT from 1989

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According to ProfessCars, the 1989 Ford Escort GT could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10.1 seconds. That speed was an incredible feat for its time. For everyone who loved Ford and wanted to upgrade to something sportier and more thrilling, the 1989 Escort GT was just the thing.

In addition, the 1.9 liter engine could produce an impressive 110 horsepower to further exceed its performance expectations. The first Ford Escort was released in 1986, the Ford Escort MK1, which offered drivers 110 mph.

Since that initial release, manufacturers clearly had their sights set on speed and performance increases as each Ford Escort performed more impressively. Ford Escorts has sold a whopping 4.1 million units in the UK alone. Let’s just say the engine and power design clearly won over people.

In its top gear, the 1989 Ford Escort GT was able to reach top speeds of 152 mph, on par with the popular Honda Civic Si from the same year.

How much is an ’89 Ford Escort GT worth today?

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Price estimates for the 1989 Ford Escort GT are between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000. If you’re looking to buy one with a little more wear and tear and higher mileage, some sell for around $ 2,000.

Compared to the retail price at the time, the few thousand dollar price tags seem high. The car was a huge hit, however, and because of its setting in the early 2000s, it is more in demand than ever.

There were many generations of the Ford Escort GT from the 80s to the early 2000s until the vehicle was discontinued in 2002. So whenever you buy one, be sure to look at its history and vehicle data to make sure you are getting a legitimate 1989 model.

In conclusion, we can see why the Ford Escort GT was such a popular car in its day. It was certainly impressive under the trunk, with immense speeds and power for such a compact car. Due to the discontinuation, the second-hand sales price skyrocketed. But if you’re a Ford Escort collector, the cost can be well worth it.

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