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Gujarat Excessive Courtroom directs police to escort LRD trainee to marry Muslim accomplice, seeks clarification for detaining girl

A departmental bank of the Gujarat Supreme Court asked a sub-inspector of the Karanj Police Station police department on February 8 for an explanation for the detention and questioning of an adult consenting woman for seven hours who was supposed to marry her Muslim partner. The Departmental Bank of the Supreme Court also ensured the safe passage of the different faith woman who is an intern of Lok Rakshak Dal (LRD) from Junagadh Academy to Ahmedabad so that they can celebrate their marriage in time as part of the special could marriage law.

A habeas corpus petition was filed by the Muslim man in early February to petition his partner, the LRD intern, to produce in court. He also asked the court for instructions to instruct the Special Marriages Act (SMA) registrar to celebrate the couple’s marriage.

In November 2020, the couple had sent the Ahmedabad marriage commissioner a notice of their intended marriage under the SMA in accordance with Section 5 of the Act. According to Section 14 of the Act, a new announcement must be made when a marriage is not celebrated within three months of the announcement being made to the marriage officer.

With just one day left to the three-month expiration date of February 9, the Supreme Court’s bank immediately ordered that the LRD intern be given leave and that a junior police inspector should be escorted from Junagadh to Ahmedabad along with a representative from the District Legal Services Authority.

“When we noticed some of the events reported by the corpus, we found the presence of a DLSA employee necessary,” the bank told Judges Sonia Gokani and Sangeeta Vishen in their appointment. The court also ordered, “DCP Zone 2 (Ahmedabad City) must provide the couple with the necessary protection throughout the process of marriage registration and thereafter.”

The woman, who was videoconferencing a district court in Junagadh in front of the Bank of Gujarat HC on February 8, told the bank that the couple had been called to the Karanj Police Station in Ahmedabad at 20, after being reported to the Ahmedabad marriage register And were only released at 3 a.m.

The woman, who was previously stationed at the LRD training center in Gomtipur, Ahmedabad, was transferred to the Junagadh training center after strong opposition to her family’s relationship, despite her desire to continue her career. She stressed before the bank that she absolutely wanted to marry the petitioner and “according to her it was the resistance of her family that is supported by the community that she is unable to do so”. The LRD intern told the court that she was not allowed to keep a cell phone at the Junagadh Training Center.

The bank has now asked the additional prosecutor to explain why they were not allowed to keep a cell phone as the rest of the trainees were allowed to do so after the training.

The court ordered the court clerk to “determine the reason for the corpus’ exclusion from cell phone communication during training at the Junagadh Training Center, if other trainees are allowed to do so during post-school hours” and convey this to the court. “

The bank also spoke to the petitioner, saying he had given assurances that he was ready to work with the corpus to continue their education and that his family would also support them in all ways.

According to everyone involved, while the department bank was considering the possibility of introducing the spouses and celebrating the marriage via video conference, the additional prosecutor stated that “despite the best efforts and cooperation of the sub-registrar of the marriage, the presentation of the spouses by a Videoconferencing wouldn’t be enough as the spouses’ signature is a must. “

When the bank found that the registrar “can travel to Junagadh if necessary,” the bank decided to allow the woman to travel to Ahmedabad and ordered the authorities to approve her leave. It added, “Learned from PDJ (Principal District Judge) Junagadh to ensure proper execution of Junagadh agreements,” the order reads.

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– The Indian Express (@IndianExpress) February 9, 2021

“As this is an interfaith marriage, in which all the details are listed that have been given in the petition and checked by the corpus, we consider it appropriate to instruct a PSI lady to accompany the corpus along with an employee from Ahmedabad the District Legal Services Authority. “

The court also ordered on February 12 to “submit a marriage registration report from the sub-registrar and an affidavit from the PSI Karanj Police Station … explaining why the corpus was called to the police station after sunset to record their declaration”. when the matter was posted for.