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Gov. DeSantis indicators off on intercourse ed invoice

The bill tightens parental reporting requirements.

government Ron DeSantis“Signed a law on Friday aimed at increasing parental consent regarding sex.

The newly signed law changes the current measures that allow parents to de-register their child from sex education and STD classes by submitting a written request to the school. But now, with the legislation (HB 545) the notification obligations of the parents are tightened by the fact that the school districts inform the parents about the curriculum and the materials on the home page of the district website.

The procedure must be explained to the parents so that they have the opportunity to deregister their children.

St. Pete Beach Republican Representative. Linda Chaney, who submitted the bill, originally wanted Sex ed to be an opt-in process, which means parents must sign a consent form for their children to receive this education.

However, the bill was later changed to reject the process instead – and gain more consent between both parties.

Most Democrats, however, ultimately voted against the measure in the House of Representatives, where it was passed 82:24. The Senate passed the measure 36-4, with four Democrats voting against.

During the debate in the House of Representatives, Jacksonville Republican Rep. Clay Yarborough argued that much of the gendered portion of the 5th grade textbook would not have been appropriate to show on the floor.

Chaneys Compromise measure has not satisfied some parents and groups looking for reform. Several organizations such as the Christian Family Coalition and the Florida Citizens Alliance initially approved the bill, but opposed it during the committee process. These parents and organizations argued that an opt-in clause was necessary in order to give parents full authority over whether their children receive sex education lessons.

The bill also requires school authorities to review and approve gender-based materials annually. School districts would also need to notify parents of the annual meetings where the curriculum is discussed and approved.

After the DeSantis desk is cleared, the bill will take effect on July 1st.

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