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Golden Globes’ Affection For ‘Emily In Paris’ Hearkens Again To HFPA’s Love Affair With ‘Intercourse And the Metropolis’ – Deadline

This couldn’t have been written better. Sarah Jessica Parker, an HFPA darling with nine nominations, seven of them – and four wins – for HBO’s Sex and the City – was the first host to announce the 2021 Golden Globe nominations this morning.

The first category it introduced was Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical; The first nominee she read was Emily In Paris, the new series by Sex and City creator Darren Star. The show’s lead actress, Lily Collins, was later announced as a nominee for Best Performance by an actress in a television series – musical or comedy.

These were the categories dominated by Sex and the City and its star Parker in the early 2000s. For an awards show known for being notoriously moody, spotting a hot new show, and quickly moving on to the next newcomer in the next year, Sex and the City had incredible staying power. The half hour, which lasted six seasons, earned six nominations for the best television series – comedy or musical. Parker got seven (Sex and the City’s final season was split in two, which gave him an extra shot at eligibility.) Parker’s four wins are the second most for an actor on a single show. The three wins in the series also represent the second largest Globes record.

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Sex and the City was such a huge HFPA favorite that the amount for recognizing the show and its star has remained unmatched throughout its run since then.

Step into Star’s new creation, Emily In Paris.

The show literally picks up where Sex and the City left off. The two-part finale of the HBO series was titled “An American Girl In Paris,” the premise of Emily In Paris, and takes place in the City of Lights.

There are many parallels – both half-hour single-camera comedies follow a young, single, professional young woman who is a fashion fanatic wearing one flashy high-end ensemble after another while on a mid-salary. Both live alone in a cosmopolitan, fashion-conscious city, have single girlfriends and are looking for Mister Big.

The only thing that Emily In Paris is really missing in Sex and the City is the sex, which could change now that the series is on Netflix.

The streamer rushes in to purchase the finished first season, which was originally developed and produced by the ad-supported Paramount Network. This shows that the premium seal of approval Sex and the City was on HBO and may have become visible among HFPA members.

Unlike Sex and the City, which was widely admired for its honest portrayal of single women and sexuality, Emily In Paris received mixed reactions from critics and was criticized for its portrayal of France and its people.

That’s probably why the HFPA’s warm reception for the series came as a bit of a surprise. But the show shares enough DNA with a Golden Globe royalty in Sex and the City that nostalgia for a legendary series may have led a distant descendant to invade the Globes field. But while Sex and the City in Paris may have helped Emily open the door, her staying power is in her own hands.