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Girl Gaga’s Marine Escort Reveals How She Actually Felt On Inauguration Day

Before going down the Capitol steps to the dais, Lady Gaga asked Captain Evan Campbell to pray with her for a moment, a request he describes as “from the heart”. Then he helped the performer with her voluminous red skirt (she joked that either of you might trip over it) as she made her way to the podium. As the world now knows, they unleashed “The Star-Spangled Banner” flawlessly.

Campbell, who was stationed overseas twice, told the Marine Corps Times that he was impressed with how “real” the star was. She warmly thanked all the police officers on duty before dismounting. And while he prefers other artists when it comes to his own musical tastes, he’s “definitely a fan of her as a person”.

The unique moment was a “privilege”, according to Campbell, and he will certainly not forget it anytime soon.