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Gardai escort Easter Eggs to native households

Gardai escort Easter eggs to local families

From Mary Dennehy

The sweetness that still lingers despite the current challenges was evident this week when a tasty stash of around 600 Easter eggs from Carlow arrived in Tallaght.

It is the time of year when the Hacketstown Ward in Carlow generously band together and donate hundreds of Easter eggs to Tallaght families in need of additional support.

Inspector Dan O’Donovan, Garda Pat Courtney and Garda Tom O’Riordan

For more than 20 years, Hacketstown residents in Carlow have hosted a Christmas toy ride for Tallaght families. In recent years the community has also started an Easter egg collection.

The toy ride was originally initiated by former Killinarden priest, Father Jim McCormack, who moved from Tallaght to Hacketstown more than two decades ago.

Upon arriving in Hacketstown, Father McCormack appealed to his new parishioners on behalf of the Tallaght families, and the annual toy ride became a tradition – and the bumper Easter egg collection also became an annual practice for the Carlow Ward.

Last year, Father Jim retired after decades of community care and support.

Despite Father Jim’s departure and the current challenges all parishes are facing due to Covid-19, the caring community of Hacketstown continued the tradition of filling a van destined for Tallaght with Easter eggs this week.

The bumper donation was collected by the municipal police at Tallaght Garda train station and is being delivered by the local Lake Garda in collaboration with schools and organizations in Tallaght such as St. Vincent De Paul and Barnardos.

Community Garda Pat Courtney accompanied the chocolatey transport of Easter eggs safely to Tallaght.

“Those eggs make a huge difference to those who are struggling … it changes life up here,” said Garda Courtney.

“It’s also a really nice bond that has lasted for years, and it’s huge for families who have trouble knowing someone is thinking of them.

“It is an amazing gesture of goodwill and we send a huge thank you to the Hacketstown community.”

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