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From celeb intercourse toys to Connell’s chain: this week’s style traits | Vogue

Rising up

Hygiene gloves Inevitable but welcome addition to the post-vaccine world of Merch.

Dark Academy The subculture centered on fetishizing an ancient view of science, but also big tweeds.

In the bag. Photo:

Bakery products From Fendi to Balenciaga to Barabum, baguette bags have peaked. We prefer Shibori-printed shoulder bags that look more like croissants.

GaVRdening Can virtual reality be relaxing? Try Fujii, a strange but zen gardening game. Especially good if you don’t have a garden when the lock is released.

Celebrity sex toys First there was Lily Allens, now Goop has brought out a vibrator. #things todoinlockdown?


We mean pink. Photo: Rex Features

We wear pink on Wednesdays Instead we wear Rosamund Pike’s buttery yellow suit from I Care A Lot on Mondays.

Baby t-shirts No children’s clothing, but the much-maligned tops from the 90s. As seen at the relounch of Topshop in Asos.

Connell’s chain Icon in 2020. Fully usurped by Regé-Jean Pages gold chain in Bridgerton.

Masked singers The death of MF Doom and the breakup of Daft Punk mean we only wear medical masks.

Vaccination shame More like a PSA: So your friend got the vaccine sooner than you and you want to know why? How about it, it’s none of your business.