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Former social escort earned $30,000 by arranging for fashions to offer ‘intimacy’

Dominic Low
The times of the road
February 19, 2021

The founder of a model and escort business arranged models to offer sexual services to clients and kept part of the income.

She even hired a teen she had previously hired to look after two clients.

Farlynda Tan, 38, was sentenced to five months in prison and fined $ 920 on Friday, February 19.

She pleaded guilty to getting one girl each for prostitution and partially living on the income of such prostitution.

The court heard that Tan, who used to work as a freelance model and social escort, ran a company called Elixir Event for about four years before she was arrested in November 2019.

She had started the company with a pool of about five freelance models working under her.

With the help of her contacts from her modeling days, she helped the models get event contracts and keep male customers company.

Tan knew that providing such camaraderie included sexual services that she referred to as “intimacy,” said assistant prosecutor Joseph Gwee.

She arranged about two prostitution missions a month, with clients being billed between $ 1,300 and $ 1,500 each time and 40 percent deducted from income.

“The defendant further estimated that she had received a total of about $ 30,000 from prostituting the models in her company,” said DPP Gwee.

The court heard that Tan also posted advertisements for models on the Carousell e-commerce platform. A 16-year-old girl replied in April 2019.

The teenager cannot be named due to a gag order to protect his identity.

Tan identified herself as “Alexa” through WhatsApp calls and messages and informed the teenager that she was being offered jobs that included “intimacy”.

When asked by the girl if this resulted in the provision of sex to customers, Tan replied that it did.

Court documents say the girl agreed to work for Tan because she wanted to make a quick buck.

She also told Tan that she was 19 years old. Tan did not conduct any further checks on her age.

The court heard that Tan twice arranged for the girl to provide sexual services to male clients in June 2019.

She received $ 920 in income from teen prostitution and spent the money on daily expenses between July and November 2019.

Tan was originally scheduled to plead guilty on Thursday (February 18) but was deemed not in the mood by District Judge Prem Raj after she burst into tears in court.

The judge finally rescheduled the hearing to the next morning.

Tan cried again in court on Friday, but appeared calm enough to continue the trial.

In his remarks, DPP Gwee asked the court to sentence Tan to six months in prison and a fine of $ 920. He noted that Tan had set, selected, and matched the prices for the sexual services to the clients and assigned the dates to the models.

Tan could have been jailed for up to five years and fined up to $ 10,000 for any of her offenses.