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Former San Diego Sheriff’s deputy sentenced 12 years in intercourse crimes case

CHULA VISTA (CNS) – A former deputy of the San Diego County Sheriff who became guilty on 20 criminal charges involving sexual acts with an underage girl and attempts to meet with minors for sexual purposes Sentenced to 12 years in prison on Friday.

Jaylen Devon Fleer, 27, a former member of the sheriff’s prison and judicial divisions, was arrested last year after an investigation that found he had sexually committed a 14-year-old girl and had socialized with numerous other underage girls with the media aiming to meet for sex.

The case involved four victims between the ages of 12 and 14, but prosecutors claim Fleer contacted more than 40 other people who identified themselves as minors. Investigators were unable to trace these people to determine if they were minors.

Deputy District Attorney Jalyn Wang said Fleer was looking for young girls, offered them money to persuade them to meet him, and encouraged the girls to see their other young friends meet him.

“He has spread the net very wide,” said Wang. “He was really just trying to reach as many young girls as possible.”

The prosecutor said the victims feared possible repercussions when they found out they had spoken to a law enforcement officer because Fleer was not hiding his profession and sent them some pictures of himself in his uniform.

Fleer made no statement at his sentencing hearing, but his lawyer, David Shapiro, called for a prison sentence of just over nine years.

Shapiro asked the court to consider Fleer’s confessions of guilt in any charges brought against him before a preliminary hearing or trial, if the victims have to testify in court. He also said that Fleer volunteered for a treatment program that began last spring “to begin a long journey towards recovery and rehabilitation to ensure that he is not putting himself, and especially anyone, back in danger”.

The case came to light in April 2020 when the San Diego County Crime Stoppers received advice about a man who had committed sexual acts with a teenager, according to Chula Vista Police Department.

“Investigators were able to identify the suspect and also determine that there were two other underage victims,” ​​said Lt. Dan Peak of Chula Vista Police at the time of Fleer’s arrest, adding that the crimes were unrelated to Fleer’s employment.

The subsequent criminal complaint related to a fourth victim, with all of the accused occurring between March 27 and April 8 last year.

During the investigation, Fleer, who had served in the sheriff’s department for just over five years, was removed from a post in the San Diego Central Jail and put on desk duty, the agency reported. After his transfer he had no official contact with the public.

“Although the allegations had nothing to do with Fleer’s duties as a deputy, they were so serious that he was deprived of all powers as a peace officer,” said a departmental statement. “The Sheriff’s Department takes allegations of illegal activity by its employees very seriously. We hold all of our proxies to the highest standards and will hold proxies accountable for violating the law.”