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Former SA Opera boss faces youngster intercourse trial

The former State Opera of South Australia artistic director “seduced” three girls he had sexually assaulted and believed his reputation meant there was little risk of his behavior being exposed, according to a court.

Timothy Sexton was tried in the district court for molesting the youth while working as a music teacher in Adelaide between 1989 and 1993.

He has pleaded guilty to a number of criminal offenses, including maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship with a child, unlawful sexual intercourse, and indecent assault.

Prosecutor Carmen Matteo opened the crown case on Monday, saying each of the girls had come to develop strong feelings for their teacher.

“You were seduced by the talented, handsome, and charismatic Mr. Sexton,” she said.

“Every girl admired the defendant musically and as a teacher and in law enforcement he would have known that.

“Every girl had a crush on him and on law enforcement, he would have known that too.

“You flirted with young, handsome Mr. Sexton and it is in law enforcement that he returned that attention.”

Ms. Matteo told the jury that a common thread in the reports of the three alleged victims was their willingness to engage in flirtatious behavior and, ultimately, sexual activities with the defendants.

“They were willing participants in the sense that they appeared to be in love in their own different ways,” she said.

“Even so, these were teenage girls below the age of legal consent. They were children and the defendant was their teacher.

“The willingness of a child, even a teenager in love, to engage in sexual activity with an adult does not exonerate that adult in the eyes of the law.”

Ms. Matteo said Sexton was both highly regarded and popular in the various music departments at the school where he taught.

“In law enforcement, this was a common condition that gave the defendant the opportunity, and indeed the freedom, to sexually insult these girls, with what he believed to be very little or no risk of his conduct being exposed.” “the court heard.

The story goes on

The 60-year-old Sexton, who was also the managing director of the State Opera, stepped down from his functions in 2017.

He had been with the company since 2011 and was responsible for both administration and artistic management.

The process continues.