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Former lieutenant at jail admits to intercourse with inmate, exposing self to coworker | Information

A former lieutenant at Cambridge Springs State Women’s Prison has admitted having sexual contact with an inmate and exposing himself to an employee nearly two years ago.

Nicholas D. Thompson pleaded guilty to the Crawford County Court of Common Pleas Thursday afternoon. He faces a total of 20 years in prison and a $ 45,000 fine if convicted later this year.

Thompson, 41, from Albion was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police in July 2020 for separate attacks on an inmate in the women’s prison and an employee in 2019.

Thompson served with the Pennsylvania Department of Justice from August 2, 2004 through October 8, 2019. According to a spokeswoman, he was a lieutenant at the time of his departure.

Thompson pleaded guilty on Thursday for sexual contact with an inmate on March 31, 2019.

He also pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent exposure for exposing himself to a worker in both a prison security office and a prison parking lot, and a charge of indecent assault for violently kissing the worker. He admitted that these incidents took place in May 2019.

Thompson is due to be sentenced after July 15 on a date yet to be determined. The conviction comes after an assessment by the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board within the next 90 days.

The review is to see if Thompson should be classified as a sexually violent predator. As part of his plea, the Crawford District Attorney’s Office will not seek a formal trial of the classification once the assessment is complete.

However, Thompson is classified as a Level II sex offender and is required to register as a sex offender for 25 years after completing his sentence.

Expect up to seven years for institutional sexual assault, up to two years for indecent exposure, and up to five years for indecent assault.

Thompson remains free for $ 25,000 worth of unsecured bonds.

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