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Former Boy Scout camp program director will get 2 years on intercourse crime cost

BAGLEY, minn. – A former program director of the Many Point Boy Scout camp was sentenced to two years in prison for sexual contact with a juvenile camp worker.

Neil Henry Dolan, 33, of rural Bagley, was convicted in the Becker District Court of attempted third-degree crime for attempted criminal sexual behavior. Three fourth-degree sex offenses were dropped in an objection agreement.

According to court records, Dolan was director of the reservations program at Many Point Scout Camp in Becker County for the summers of 2015, 2016 and 2018. It was a supervisory and leadership role in the Boy Scout Camp.

At least once in each of those years, he touched a teenager who was 17 years old in 2015 when Dolan was 27. Dolan was sometimes very aggressive, sat on the boy in bed, held him and tried to rape him once, according to the criminal complaint.

The case was being investigated by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, as Dolan had been an MP from Clearwater County at the time.

He was charged on March 23, 2020 and sentenced to 24 months in prison in St. Cloud on March 8 by Becker District Judge Gretchen Thilmony. He has been ordered to pay a $ 50 fine and $ 150 court fees out of his prison receipts, if necessary, and is required to register as a predator.