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Former Army Police Officer Says Funeral Escort ‘Wants To Cease Appearing Like Legislation Enforcement’

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Michael Cohen predicts Trump’s tax investigation will end in jail time

Former President Donald Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen told MSNBC’s Katy Tur that he felt his old client should look into “bespoke overalls.” Cohen’s prediction that Trump could end up in jail came hours after the Supreme Court ruled that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance could receive Trump’s tax returns as part of the New York Attorney’s investigation into his previous business relationships. Cohen said he wasn’t sure what exactly the documents might reveal but was confident enough to say “it doesn’t look good for Trump”. . @ MichaelCohen212 says Trump should try to get “bespoke jumpsuit because it doesn’t look good to him”. @ JoyceWhiteVance Says Cy Vance “sent signals that this is a serious investigation”. – MSNBC Live with Katy Tur (@KatyOnMSNBC) Feb.22, 2021 Of course, Cohen may not be the most neutral forecaster – the disbarrassed lawyer serving a prison sentence under house arrest after pleading guilty to the past Years ago he became one of Trump’s best known public enemies and even testified against him in Congress in 2019. Tur’s other guest, former US attorney Joyce Vance (unrelated to Cyrus Vance) thought it unwise to predict the outcome of the investigation, but she argued that the Manhattan prosecutor had sent signals that the investigation was “serious and” productive “and he could move towards the prosecution. More stories from theweek.comTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton also left the state during the devastating winter storm. Merrick Garland assures Senators that he would step down as attorney general if asked to do anything unethical. Design, Andrew Cuomo