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Former Acadiana cop convicted of intercourse crime in New Mexico

Leon Boudreaux, a former Acadiana police officer, was convicted of a sex crime in New Mexico.

Back in 2019 we told you about Boudreaux’s arrest in Raton on three sexual charges. Since then, two of the charges have been dismissed for lack of evidence, but the remaining charges were brought to trial in February.

According to public records by KATC Investigates, a jury convicted Boudreaux in February on the charges. He now faces up to three years in prison for the charge, which is a third degree crime. The state accused Boudreaux of having sex with a teenage girl against her will, and the jury agreed that he was guilty. A risk assessment was ordered by the court; The conviction will be determined when this report is complete before the sentence, as records show.

The records also show that Boudreaux’s lawyers have now filed for a new trial, claiming that the court made several mistakes during the trial. His attorney alleges that the state submitted some evidence too late for it to investigate and that a juror who believed the victim could not have sexually exploited Boudreaux should not be on the jury, records show .

When Raton Boudreaux police first asked about the crime he was accused of, he claimed he had taken a sleeping pill and that the victim had taken advantage of him. He also alleged the victim made similar allegations against him in Louisiana.

Back in 2019, Boudreaux’s brother, Port Barre Police Chief Deon Boudreaux, issued a statement reporting the allegations. He said at the time that he had contacted the state police about these allegations. When we asked the State Police about it, they said the case was never referred to LSP. LSP asked us to call the FBI. We have reached out to the FBI – but they will not approve or reject pending cases for political reasons.