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Flying squads to escort oxygen tankers | Jaipur Information

J. Aside from that, the department will ensure safe passage to oxygen tankers not only for Rajasthan but also for those traveling through the state.
Rajasthan Transport Commissioner Mahendra Soni told TOI, “We are taking various measures to ensure that oxygen tankers are not delayed at our checkpoints, causing delays in documentation or other such formalities. Flying squads will accompany the tankers from Bhiwadi to ensure that no disaster occurs on the way to the destinations. ”
The department has also acquired some nitrogen tankers that are being converted to carry oxygen. The Commissioner added: “A special permit is required to transport oxygen in nitrogen tankers and we have found 2-3 such tankers. The Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) grants approval. ”
To ensure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen as demand increases due to the increasing number of Covid cases in the country, the department will also be liaising with two large companies that haul natural gas to get more tankers to carry oxygen.
The commissioner had a video conference discussion on these measures with the DTO and the RTO on Monday. Also in the department office, only the necessary personnel are asked to come so that all work can continue without interruption.