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Fly-tippers caught dumping garbage on M6 escorted again by police to select it up

Fly dump trucks caught by the camera unloading their rubbish on the M6 ​​had to turn around and pick it up from the police.

The men could be seen on video surveillance as they pulled up to an emergency stop on a part of the motorway where there is no hard shoulder and emptied the contents of the black garbage bags.

Traffic police soon intercepted the group and escorted them back to the crime scene 20 miles to clean up the mess they had made.

The perpetrators were traveling north through Staffordshire when they decided to pull into a rest area designed to help motorists in an emergency, the Manchester Evening News reports.

But they were spotted by Highways England control room workers watching them on CCTV.

Images shared on social media show men bending over to pick up piles of trash after being embarrassed on social media.

Fly-dump trucks were forced by the police to turn around and pick up their rubbish on the M6

Highways England Senior Network Planner Frank Bird said, “This has been a blatant and reckless abuse of one of our designated emergency areas to help people in emergencies.

“We monitored the whole incident through our CCTV system in our control room and then quickly relayed it to the police who were able to stop the vehicle and bring them safely back to the emergency area to clean up their mess.

“We continue to work closely with our police colleagues who enforce such issues, and we remind people to take their rubbish home and dispose of it safely.”

CMPG’s PC Nick James was one of the officers looking after the unfortunate perpetrators.

He said: “We are grateful to our colleagues at Highways England for the quick notification of the incident and we quickly found the vehicle that was en route on the M6. We were able to escort it back to the scene – about a 40 mile round trip – so they could pick up their clutter.

“Most of the trash consisted of things like takeaway packaging and plastic bottles that can be easily recycled or safely disposed of at home. We reminded the perpetrators that stopping on a freeway to drop off trash is not the smartest move, especially if they are being watched on CCTV. “

Together with a serious word in the ears of the perpetrators, their data are also passed on to the environmental officers for information, so that an anamnesis is recorded in the event of future incidents.

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The RSPCA received 7,400 calls in 2018 to report incidents of litter injured animals.

The incident – which occurred on March 28th – serves as a timely reminder of the dangers of littering, which puts our employees at risk when they have to pick it up.

Highways England, responsible for litter on motorways and a small number of A-roads, is calling on motorists to do their part to reduce waste on the country’s motorways as part of the Great British Spring Clean (May 28 to June 13) Afford.

During the Great British Spring Clean Campaign last year, they collected 12,000 bags of trash from the network.

Freda Rashdi, Head of Customer and Operational Requirements, said: “We urge road users to save rubbish for the rubbish bin. Garbage collection costs time and money, and redirects resources that could be used to improve the network. If people didn’t drop trash in the first place, it wouldn’t have to be picked up. We’re also working with partners like Keep Britain Tidy to improve our understanding of why people collect rubbish and to prevent rubbish in the first place. “

More information on the Great British Spring Clean can be found here.

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